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In order to follow the product from the first machining to the last one, we decided to install in our facility few 3-axis and  5-axis milling machines, and turning machines too, month by month the request of the market convinced us to redouble the capacity of production, so the quantity of machines is going to increase in the next period. 
The company is structured in oder to follow the market, and flexibility is one of our main characteristics.

First of all, the row blank gets turned by us in our facility, exploiting our advanced turning machines, this machining is the shortest one, anyway this is also the machining that provocates to the blank the loss of over 80% of weight.

Our  milling machines area, which occupies 1000 square meters of our faclity.

Anyway, the machining that more than the other ones let us distingiush from all the producers, is the milling process, where the blank, which has still been turned, embodies the style created by our technical departement, and becomes a wheel ready to be painted whith brand new technologies that give the last pinch of perfection to the product.   

The Monoblock wheel as a Modular one, after the painting is subjected to stricts controls by our quality departement, which takes cares of testing all the wheels in order to declare that every wheel is accordant to all the tolerances. When the wheel passes all the tests, it's ready to be packed up and to be sent to the customer.


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