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2elle-engineering is a worldwide producer of forged wheels, born in March 2008 and based in Trebaseleghe,Italy. Luigi Lucaora is the founder and family Lucaora is the current full-owner of the company. The company recently acquired 1000mq and is now taking andvantage of a 3000mq facility, 2elle has been growing up continuously during these years, cooperating with the most famous and prestigious competition teams in the world, worldwide tuner brands, international military and security vehicle producers.
The streght of the company results from the non-stop increasing tens of thousands of forged wheels production, respecting the highest quality parameters a wheels producer can reach. 

2elle-engineering recived her own DUNS number from Volkswagen AC.
 The DUNS number is given by Volkswagen only to the most prestigious and reliable companies in Europe and in the world.
Our president, Luigi, and his family have been interviewed by the most  import italian economic journal, Il Sole 24 Ore. The full article is available on the dedicated section of the website.



2elle-engineering srl has an important technical partnership with the worldwide brand of Wheelpros LLC Motegi Racing. Wheelpros and 2elle cooperate suppliying any international teams, as Force India Formula One team. The 2015 season has been the most successfull one for Force India Fomula One team.


We are exclusive european distributor of Work Wheels Co., a japanese company leader on wheels and rims production since few years.

Our company con machine wheels from 13"to 24" blanks.
The fame of the company has been increasing year by year because of the precision and quality of our products, which  can't be reached by other companies.
The delicasy and the passion we use in the all process, from the turning of the blank till the final painting of the wheel, made us one of the worldwide leaders in forged wheels production, and we are proud to assert that.