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2elle-engineering srl can undertake all the machining processes,respecting all the TUV parameters, included the most severe ones, we are not only TUV omologated as many others, we recived the most prestigious omologation from TUV-KBA (directly from the German Department of Transportation), so our products are appreciated everywhere in the world;our company is so well organised and maniacally precise and efficent that we recived the highest omologation since few days after our birth. 

CNC Turning and Milling for aluminum and magnisium blanks from  13" till 24


3 axis CNC milling_machines

5 axis CNC milling_machines
CNC Turning_machines

















 Centers or Monoblock forged blanks


-from 13’’ to 24’’

-width of monoblock by spinning process

-concave profile avialable



Modular and Monoblock forged wheels

 -from 13’’ to 24’’


-concave profile avialable



Phone number:

+39 049 9387639


+39 049 7351117





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