Environmental Management

2ELLE-ENGINEERING S.r.l. has set as a priority objective the achievement and maintenance of national and international leadership in the development field, production and trade of forged light metal wheels for road vehicles.
2ELLE-ENGINEERING S.r.l. considers, together with health and safety in the workplace, the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution as essential elements on which to base any industrial development strategy, therefore it has decided to give substance to these principles by preparing, documenting, implementing and maintaining an effective environmental management system compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.
2ELLE-ENGINEERING S.r.l. undertakes to ensure that its activities are carried out according to the following key points:
• act responsibly, in full compliance with environmental legislation and, in general, with its compliance obligations;
• commit to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system in order to increase its environmental performance;
• make available the necessary human resources, professional skills, as well as adequate financial resources, through the assignment of roles and responsibilities to department heads and managers to implement and control the functioning of the environmental management system;
• evaluate business processes and activities in order to improve and support competitiveness and increase leadership in the national and international market, with the aim of innovation and continuous technological improvement with a view to preventing pollution and considering the life cycle perspective;
• carefully evaluate the aspects concerning future business developments, making choices, including technological ones, to the advantage of solutions that give greater guarantees in terms of protecting the health of workers and respecting the environment;
• ensure the involvement and participation of all staff for the full sharing of company policy and objectives, in order to develop a culture oriented towards environmental protection and the maintenance and development of safe working conditions;
• disseminate and promote the principles of this policy among suppliers and contractors, encouraging them to maintain behavior consistent with it;
• pursue an open and constructive attitude towards workers, customers, suppliers, public authorities and, in general, all interested parties.

The Management endeavors to disseminate this policy to its collaborators, suppliers and customers and reminds that it is available to the public and to anyone who requests it.

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