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2elle-engineering is a company that, as this certificate asserts, can homologate its suplliers. we have been recognised as a fully reliable company from the most prestigious TÜV in Germany, the TÜV Thüringen. This certificate is our business card, we are prud to be growing in continous cooperating with TÜV, because the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers always come first.



As  recognisement of our high quality in all the process, in all the products and in all the relationships with customers, Volkswagen Group AC has given the DUNS Certification with the related number to approach every kind of request of wheels Volkswagen will need.
 It's a part of the non-stop increasing trend of the company, caused essentialy by our strong investments and hard job.
 Only few companies in the world are recognised as reliable suppliers by Volkswagen group, 2elle-engineering can proudly assert to be one of them.


Phone number:

+39 049 9387639


+39 049 7351117





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